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密切留意「神采飛羊遊亞洲 . 喜氣洋洋闖三關」抽獎日期!

2015-02-26 (星期四)


「神采飛羊遊亞洲 . 喜氣洋洋闖三關」熱線遊戲於上星期六2月21日結束,反應非常熱烈。若果您已成功過三關,便可進入大抽獎。

本台將於3月2日星期一早上9-11am 的「一家人」節目內邀請Air Canada 加拿大航空的代表來為我們抽出得獎者一名,並送出兩張總值超過 $8,000 的加拿大航空來回亞洲豪華經濟艙機票,從卡加利出發,任選六大亮麗繁華都巿!

密切留意「神采飛羊遊亞洲 . 喜氣洋洋闖三關」抽獎日期!

Thank you to all of those who participated in the phone-in game last week, and we would like to congratulate the ones who have passed all 3 levels, because you now have the opportunity to win the plane tickets from our draw!

Listen closely to FM94.7 this upcoming Monday, March 2 between 9-11am, we will invite a representative from Air Canada to draw 1 lucky winner, and this winner will receive 2 all new Air Canada Premium Economy air tickets to Asia with your choice of one of the six destinations: Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, Tokyo, Osaka and Seoul!