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Chef David 大廚爸爸 推介天使蛋糕 Angel Food Cake

2015-06-15 (星期一)

2015-06-15 (星期一)

Chef David 大廚爸爸 推介天使蛋糕 Angel Food Cake

大廚爸爸 David 是做蛋糕高手,今次他分享與太太Aries製作的天使蛋糕 Angel Food Cake!Chef Papa David is a skillful cake maker, and today he will share an "Angel Food Cake" recipe from him and his wife, Aries.

材料 Ingredients

8隻 大雞蛋 // 8 big eggs

1杯 低筋麵粉 (約 140 克) // 1 cup pastry flour (140g)

½杯 奶 // ½  cup milk

½杯 油 // ½ cup oil

½杯 糖 // ½ cup sugar

適量 鹽 // pinch of salt

1茶匙 雲呢拿油 // 1 tsp vanilla

Chef David 大廚爸爸 推介天使蛋糕 Angel Food Cake

步驟 Steps

1.開始之前,將蛋從雪櫃拿出並放至室溫。Before you start, set eggs at room temperature for 30 minutes. 

2. 將蛋白和蛋黃分開用乾淨的碗盛載。Separate egg yolk and egg white in two different bowls. The one for egg white has to be non greasy and very dry. 

3. 將蛋白打至起泡,加適量的鹽,然後再用力發 6 分鐘。發蛋時,每2分鐘就加糖,共3次。6分鐘後,蛋白應打至企身。Beat the egg white at low for about 1 minute until transparent & bubbly. Add pinch of salt. Then beat at high for about 6 minutes. Within this 6 minutes, add sugar in 3 times, each time for about 2 minutes.  The egg white should be stiff after 6 minutes.

Chef David 大廚爸爸 推介天使蛋糕 Angel Food CakeChef David 大廚爸爸 推介天使蛋糕 Angel Food CakeChef David 大廚爸爸 推介天使蛋糕 Angel Food Cake

4.用另一個碗將其他材料拌勻。輕輕的打勻蛋黃後加入油,奶和雲呢拿。材料拌勻後,將麵粉篩入在拌勻。Use a different bowl to mix the other ingredients.  Whisk egg yolk gently, then add oil, milk and vanilla.  Whisk together.  Lastly add flour (flour need sifted before).  Mix well. 

5.用膠抹刀將蛋白逐小加入,以一個向內摺的動作將材料拌勻蛋白(圖1)。Use a plastic spatula to ‘Fold in’ the egg white mixture to the egg yolk flour mixture gently.  You can fold 1/3 at a time = i.e. 3 times. (Picture #1)

6.所有材料都拌勻後就把蛋糕漿倒進兩邊有溝槽的模管盤裡 (圖2),放入焗爐以350度烘焙約45分鐘(以上溫度和時間只作參考. When all are incorporated, pour the mixture into an Angel Cake Flute Pan (Picture #2).  Bake in regular oven at 350 degree for about 45 minutes.  (or 325 degree convection oven). 

7.將焗好的蛋糕連模放涼後可用刀從模的旁邊分開蛋糕即可(圖3)When it is done, put the flute pan upside down to cool.  Might have to use a knife to loosen the sides. (Picture #3)