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English Grammar 聰明人也會犯的英文錯誤 你又答對幾多?

2017-07-31 (星期一)

2017-07-31 (星期一)


以下 15 組英文句子或詞彙,你能認出哪些是對哪些是錯嗎?

Like it or not, words, spelling, and punctuation are powerful and can leave a lasting impression on others. But even the most educated people often unknowingly make common writing and speaking flubs.

Check out this list of ubiquitous grammar mistakes... Choose the ones you think are correct and then check out the answers at the bottom of this post... You might learn something new.

First-come, first-serve                     ///        First-come, first-served 

I could care less                             ///         I couldn't care less 

Regardless                                    ///          Irregardless 

Amy talked with Susan and I         ///          Amy talked with Susan and me

Emigrated to                                  ///          Emigrated from 

1980s                                            ///           1980's

Slight of hand                                ///           Sleight of hand 

Peace of mind                               ///           Piece of mind 

Whet your appetite                        ///           Wet your appetite

Do diligence                                   ///           Due diligence

All of sudden                                 ///             All of a sudden 

Worse comes to worse                 ///             Worse comes to worst 

Hot water heater                           ///              Water heater 

Espresso                                      ///               Expresso 

Sneak Peak                                 ///                Sneak Peek 










答案 Answers

First-come, first-served  ///   I couldn't care less   ///   Regardless

Amy talked with Susan and me   ///   Emigrated from   ///   1980s

Sleight of hand   ///   Peace of mind   ///   Whet your appetite   ///

Due diligence   ///   All of a sudden   ///   Worse comes to worst

Water heater   ///   Espresso   ///   Sneak Peek